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Flexible Zimmereinstellungen
Buchungsverwaltung in Jomres
Online buchen
Flexible Zimmereinstellungen Mit einer flexiblen Zimmer und Unterkunftseinstellungen ermöglicht Jomres fast unendlich viele Variationen dein Hotel oder Travel Portal einzurichten
Unterkunftsdarstellung Hier ein Beispiel wie die Details einer Unterkunft auf der Webseite dagestellt werden können. Von einer Diaschau, Verfügbarkeitskalender bis zu einer Landkarte Jomres lässt keine Wünsche offen.
Buchungsverwaltung in Jomres Mit Jomres können alle Zimmerreservierungen verwaltet werden. Einfach als Admin ins Joomla Frontend einloggen.
Online buchen Willkommen bei unserem Kunden Service Portal. Bitte melde dich an ein um deine Details, Angebote und Rechnungen einzusehen. Solltest du noch keine Zugangsdaten haben bitte sende uns eine Email.

Jomres 7.1.4 stable jetzt verfügbar

Jomres 7.1.4 16/10/2012

  • Added a new feature so that site managers can configure the default property list view through the site config - search options tab.
  • Adding some experimental changes that'll allow us to switch languages in the administrator area.
  • Occasionally it's normal for the session file name to have not been created, added a check to temp booking handler to take that into account.
  • Added an option to reset the custom text class on the fly.
  • Changed how administrator editinplace functionality accepts languages. Instead of using showtime 'lang' it now accepts whatever's in the url.
  • Added a missing div to edit customer type jquery ui template.
  • Improved the bootstrap html in the plugin manager RE popups.
  • Modified how the logo is called in the management view.
  • Language dropdown removed from translation pages, as it's now added to the administrator backend as a whole.
  • Changed bc_is_even method, probably don't even need it now, and it lowers the bar for installation slightly.
  • Fixed a typo that was preventing the save to cart text from showing in the booking confirmation page
  • Removed header declaration from handlereq.php as it's no longer required.
  • Updated Polish lang files, many thanks for that Patryk

Jomres 6.0 stable jetzt verfügbar

Jomres 6.0-stable released. Some highlights:

This version of Jomres is our most beautiful yet. All of the templates have been completely reworked to provide a consistent look and feel throughout, the property details page has been revamped with a new layout and slideshow and the properties list has been smartened up.

If you're an existing user of Jomres, we recommend that you consider undoing any existing template customisations and adopting the newer templates.


Jomres 5.5 stable jetzt verfügbar

Jomres 5.5-stable released. Some highlights:

- Added a feature where an optional extra can be set to be automatically selected in the booking form

- Modified gmaps buttons to use new style ui. 

- Modified edit property functionality to allow users to scroll around a gmap and drag a pointer to set their lat and long. If lat is not set, then Jomres will query google to get a rough approximation of their location to get the ball rolling. 

- Implemented a feature to configure the property type order as it appears in the property type selection dropdown.

- Added a delete multiple black bookings feature to Jomres, will require the v5.5 version of the black bookings plugin. 8 Added balance after deposit paid row to booking form price summary panel



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